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Lanzhou Ximi adopts the star network model combining direct selling and distribution. The wholly-owned subsidiary is the promotion base, regional marketing center, logistics platform and investment promotion platform of Lanzhou Ximi in the market and sales. It is also responsible for the maintenance of key benchmark customers, which is an important support point of Lanzhou Ximi in the market and sales. Agents are divided into primary agents and secondary agents, which are mainly responsible for product distribution business and complement each other, forming a sales network covering the whole country of Lanzhou Xima. At present, it has built 7 subsidiaries, more than 500 agents and achieved sales in more than 2000 hospitals.

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Lanzhou west international medical co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as west medical) positioning in the health industry, with new materials and high-end medical equipment research, development, production and sales, adhering to create national brand, make everyone healthy concept of life and health management, health medicine, health food, health, rehabilitation and health pension planning development. The west medical unit set up in lanzhou west memory alloy co., LTD., lanzhou LanFei medical instrument co., LTD., lanzhou Red Cross medical devices co., LTD., lanzhou CiLi medical equipment co., LTD., lanzhou medical health materials manufacturing co., LTD., lanzhou fine memory alloy co., LTD. Is a wholly owned subsidiary six ... 【more】

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